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Welcome to the Denver Tennis Park

Serving all kids and the whole kid since 2018

About Us

DTP is a welcoming community for all people, tennis levels, and experiences in our facility and neighborhoods, where diversity of cultures is recognized and valued. We are an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing youth development through equitable access to tennis.

DTP Summer Camp agility game. Students line up on the court in two lines with a line of cones between them

Elevating All Youth

DTP supports youth and families toward an equitable future by using tennis as a resource to provide tools and partnerships that advance mental and physical wellness. Our goal is to create opportunities for youth - now and in the future, to maximize their potential as contributors in their communities and grow into confident and capable leaders.

DTP coach charles instructs a young student on an outdoor court

Play With Us

The DTP is for everyone! Whether you are a parent of a youth enrolled in our programs, a high school student who wants to work on their game, or a retiree who enjoys playing with their friends, the DTP welcomes everyone. The DTP offers programs at our state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor tennis facility, in community parks, in schools, and in collaboration with youth and community-based organizations. We work to make tennis more accessible for everyone by deliberately welcoming all so that  ALL of Denver’s youth and communities can benefit from this lifelong sport.


DTP coach Cannon and player at Montbello
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