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Who We Are

The Denver Tennis Park is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing youth development through equitable access to tennis. Our team creates a positive environment for everyone by making tennis accessible, fun, and a contributor to the well being of Denver area families. We believe tennis offers an opportunity for social connectedness, physical and mental health, character building, academic achievement, and professional development. We are committed to bringing the highest quality tennis programming so that our community can thrive.


We don’t believe in a membership model because tennis is a resource, not a privilege, and we are focused on being inclusive and engaging all people and tennis skill levels. We believe that tennis is an opportunity for young people to be healthier, more resilient, and to be part of a friendly, diverse, and kind community.

DTP student with an inlaid image of his inner player.


That Denver-area youth have an equitable opportunity to reach their full potential.


​To serve all kids and the whole kid. We believe in the power of physical and mental fitness to change lives.

Coach Cannon and student at Montbello SERVES


Kids First

Through our youth-oriented programs, we carefully blend tennis development with youth development and life skills to ensure that we bring more into the lives of those we serve than simply tennis technique. 

Equitable Access

We are intentional in our commitment to making tennis accessible. We ensure our programming, communications, facility, staff, and outreach are available to the diverse community we serve. 


We prioritize partnerships and collaborate with community organizations that provide resources to demographics we want to work with, while also sharing our vision.

Positive Experience

We create a positive tennis experience for all who want to learn and play. 

DTP coaches and players at Lincoln HS SERVES event

Staff & Board

The Denver Tennis Park Staff and Board are made up of tennis professionals, business leaders, community leaders, and many talented individuals dedicated to serving kids. Together, we identify and implement a vision for Denver’s youth and its future.

Our History

Formed in 2017, the Denver Tennis Park (DTP) is the result of a public-private partnership between the University of Denver (DU), Denver Public Schools (DPS), and private philanthropy. As a result, our programming and facility have a deep commitment to supporting and leveraging DU and DPS’s interests in youth development and tennis. The DTP is home to the DU men’s and women’s NCAA Division I tennis and hosts various DPS high school team practices and/or matches.

We strive to bring together a diverse team of committed coaches and professionals with a rich background in tennis and youth development. While we provide programming and services to adults, all our coaches must have experience in and a deep commitment to working with kids. For the DTP, that means we create a fun, challenging, and team-oriented environment for everyone involved.

The Denver Tennis Park Facility is located in South Denver on Franklin Street next to South High School and Washington Park
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