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Community Outreach

Through tennis, the DTP aims to support youth and families toward an equitable future by providing tools, opportunities, and partnerships that advance mental and physical wellness.


Our Community Outreach embodies the belief that tennis is more than just a sport — it's a vehicle for positive change.

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Each year, the DTP brings the attributes of tennis to more than 2,500 youth in under resourced communities through free community programs such as Colorado SERVES and in-school enrichment classes. We are changing the narrative that tennis is exclusive by making it accessible, fun, and diverse!


We are committed to intentional outreach, sparking discussions on the sidelines, and fostering a diverse and supportive community. Our goal is to impact families positively, creating lasting memories and opportunities for growth on and off the tennis court. It's not just about numbers; it's about the tangible difference we make in the lives of individuals and communities.

Our mission goes beyond the confines of the court, touching hearts, families, and neighborhoods across Denver.

Community Partners

Building partnerships and relationships is an important aspect of our work at the DTP. Our mission is to provide a quality tennis program and make it affordable and accessible for underserved Denver communities, and our partners help us achieve it.


We begin by connecting our youth with our partner organizations and making our resources available to them. We have supported and collaborated with our partners in various ways, including donations, community events, volunteer work, collaboration, and more. Our work would be limited and unsustainable without our partners.

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Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is made up of community members and parents who participate in and/or support the DTP’s efforts to advance equitable access to the benefits of tennis. Formed in 2022, the CAC’s purpose is to guide the DTP’s strategy and ability to authentically build partnerships, deliver programs, and conduct outreach in communities that typically don’t have access or don’t feel welcome in the sport of tennis.

 If you have interest in learning more or are interested in being considered to join the CAC, please contact Sonia Schwartz at

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Advantage Kids, our program within Denver Public Schools (DPS) schools, is designed to introduce and sustain tennis programming in under-invested DPS elementary, middle, and high schools where there is little to no tennis in the schools. 

Through Advantage Kids, the DTP is engaging Denver Public Schools students by introducing and then establishing a locally implemented tennis club program. Because the DTP is committed to offering more significant tennis programming in under invested communities, identifying an existing infrastructure by which consistent and evolving tennis programming can be offered is essential.

John Amesse Elementary school in Montbello inspired the DTP with its club tennis program as a means to build this infrastructure. Amesse has two teacher-champions who enjoy tennis and see its value to its student body.

The DTP continues to provide introductory tennis programming in 4-6 DPS schools each year, to build momentum and seek to identify champions in these schools, provide them with equipment (often supplied by USTA Colorado), train and support the champions, and begin building tennis clubs throughout SW Denver, Montbello, and possibly other neighborhood schools.


The long-term goal isn’t only to build a deep youth development structure through tennis in under invested communities, but to establish a culture of tennis and a pipeline of tennis players from elementary to high school within those communities .


If you are a faculty member or parent of a DPS school and have interest in the DTP bringing Advantage Kids to your school, please contact Magda Apodaca, Program Coordinator, at

DPS Program: Advantage Kids

Thank You to Our Advantage Kids Supporters

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