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The DTP is a kids-first organization. That means we are committed to the wellbeing and enjoyment of youth first, and tennis capacity-building second. We create a fun, enthusiastic, positive learning environment because we believe that fosters:

  • Character development such as integrity, teamwork, resilience, commitment, accountability, and more.

  • Mental skills such as grit, positive self-talk, awareness, focus, cognitive development, and mindfulness.

  • Athletic capacity such as agility, balance, coordination, and core strength.

  • Healthy lifestyles such as healthy eating, mental health indicators, and introduction to other physical activity.

Being kids-first also means establishing a strong relationship with parents and other family and community members who share a commitment to the youth’s wellbeing. We are all about creating a transformative

relationship—not just a weekly transaction— and see each interaction with your kid and your family as an important aspect of our mission and our programming. We encourage open dialogue and a joint commitment to building a positive future for everyone we work with.

Our Programs

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Summer Programs for

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Fall/Winter 2021 Programs

We offer youth classes for players between 5-18 years old! Click on the brochures below to view our program line-up for Fall/Winter 2021. 

We are changing the process for Youth Program registration to make it more fair and equitable, and to serve you all better. We will accept requests for Youth Programs during the entire week of July 18-24. Starting July 25, for all programs that we have more interest than space, we will hold a lottery to award the available spots.

New for 2021-2022:

  • Lottery registration via Google Docs

  • Three season options:

    • Full season: August 23rd - December 19th

    • Fall season: August 23rd - October 16th

    • Winter season: October 17th - December 19th

  • Seasons include a weekly Match Day to allow players to become a better tennis player!

    • Note: Intro to BDP does not have a match day

Denver Tennis Park, 1560 S Franklin St, Denver, CO 80210


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